Hooked Elements in Kadence

One of the features that Kadence Theme Pro adds to Kadence theme is called Hooked Elements which provides an interface to build an element using the WordPress Gutenberg editor and hook it to one of the several locations on your pages so it appears exactly where and when you want. A sample use case of…


Kadence Membership Price Increase

The developer of Kadence recently posted an update about Kadence beta, price changes and their rollout plan in their Facebook group. Here is a summary: Features available in the beta of “Kadence Theme Pro”, a plugin that extends Kadence theme with premium features and addons: Header addons, Kadence elements, WooCommerce addons. Beta can be used…


Related Posts in Kadence

Kadence theme comes with a built-in Customizer setting for showing similar (related) posts on single posts. Let’s see how it actually works under the hood. /kadence/template-parts/content/single-entry.php has: i.e., if the current page is a singular post and if Customizer > Blog Posts > Single Post Layout > Show Related Posts is enabled, then load template-parts/content/entry_related.php….


Category Archive Template in Kadence Child Theme

This tutorial provides the steps to set up a category.php template file that applies to all category archives by using a Kadence child theme for Kadence. First, let us see how category archives are rendered when Kadence (the parent theme) is active. As per the WordPress template hierarchy, since there is no category.php present in…


Kadence Child Theme

Kadence is a highly customizable theme even for beginners and non-coders thanks to its rich and elaborate settings in the WordPress Customizer. For advanced users that want to make any changes in the theme files though it makes sense to use a child theme as the active theme since it allows for template overriding. The…